What to Expect

Meditation has many great and wonderful benefits that continue to grow over time. As you practice more, deeper and deeper layers of your true self can emerge. Healing of old issues and past hurts can occur and life can take on a higher meaning. Many people report being able to finally find the peace of mind that they have been looking for in their lives. The things that once bothered them seem to fade away while practicing regular meditation.

The shift from “monkey mind” to mindfulness can be subtle when beginning to meditate.

Shifts Happens…

During the course of all meditation practices, whether new or highly experienced, students can feel a variety of shifts happening in their mind, body, and spirit. That’s why we meditate, right? To feel a difference in some way. One of the first shifts students may encounter comes from using breathing exercises. Students report that they experience the ability to take a deeper satisfying breath, relax their shoulders and neck muscles, and instantly calm their mind.

In the Beginning…

When starting to meditate, you can experience a garden variety of mental distractions. Don’t despair! The key to moving beyond this is to simply observe these thoughts, not try to control them. Let them pass by. As soon as you notice your attention wandering, return your focus to your practice. It does not matter how many times this happens during your meditation, you can always return back to it.

Meditation is not about eliminating distractions, but learning to maintain focus in spite of distractions. 

Breakthroughs Happen…

During the course of meditating, you may experience a variety of different feelings and emotions, ranging from peace and relaxation to resurfacing of old hurts and fears. Experiencing feelings and emotions is completely normal and nothing to shy away from. Again, the key is to acknowledge them and let them pass by. Do not hang on to them or entertain them. If you feel that your emotions are more than you can handle on your own, please reach out to a counselor or therapist for help. They can assist you in managing any latent or unresolved issues.