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“Meditating with Erin is different. I can find it hard to arrive in a space and really trust my guide. Erin speaks to me as a busy professional. She instinctively knows the place I’m at, and how to guide me through to a different mindset by the end of a session. After a long day (or even to break up a busy schedule), meditating with Erin is a beautiful and essential work life balance activity.” 

Evelyn W., Marketing Strategist

““Erin has helped me to pause. To pause, reflect, acknowledge how I’m feeling and be okay with it. She gave me permission to remember me.  Meditation is hard. For many it doesn’t come naturally and i’s not easy to figure out how or when to fit it into your life. Erin listened and gave me practical tools to support my journey to mindfulness.”

Aly G.