Mindfulness Ambassador Program Overview

The Mindfulness Ambassador Program (MAP) has been designed to equip participants with tools and skills based in social and emotional intelligence and secular mindfulness. The core of this program is centered around 12 universal principles that help individuals deepen self-inquiry, train attention, help identify and regulate emotions, manage stress and help build healthy interactions. Participants explore and experience the best learning of neuroscience and contemplative practices in an engaging environment. Fundamental to the design of this program are the integration of universal themes, quotes, dialogue prompts and practices intended to inspire openhearted conversation and encourage self-reflection, perspective taking and critical thinking.

About Social & Emotional Learning

Social and emotional learning (SEL) benefits all students, of every background. It comprises specific skills and competencies that students and adults need in order to set goals, manage behavior, build relationships, and process and remember information. Using the curriculum of Mindfulness Without Borders, this evidence based program boosts the development of essential skills that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life.

Program Learning Outcomes
Regulate Emotions & Behavior
+ Manage Stress & Anxiety
+ Develop a Daily Mindfulness Practice
+ Cultivate Kindness & Compassion
+ Nurture Healthy Relationships
+ Strengthen Listening & Communication Skills

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