Workplace Classes

Stress from work can be exhausting, overwhelming, and never-ending. No matter what your workplace environment is, chances are you experience stress related to your job. Stress is simply a fact of life, there’s no getting around it. Since we can’t get rid of it, we might as well learn to deal with it. That’s where workplace meditation classes come in.

I offer a variety of different meditation class options to help elevate your workplace to a more mindful environment. Allow me to come and teach your team easy and effective meditation tools that can improve concentration, spark creativity, and decrease inner-office drama.

Single Class- 60 minutes

Take your team to the next level by allowing them to access mindfulness in a new way. This 60 minute Workplace Meditation Class will teach practical and effective tools to combat everyday stress and burn out. Great for leadership retreats, company in-services, and employee appreciation events. I will visit your workplace and teach your team on site. Sessions start at $200.

Workplace Meditation Plan- 5 Session and 10 Session

Commit to long term growth and culture management by adding weekly or monthly meditation classes into your teaming, leadership, or management plans. Watch your team’s satisfaction soar and innovation sky rocket when you encourage team members to mentally relax. Call today for pricing and availably.