The Experience

The instructor begins class by discussing the topic for the day as well as sharing tips on how to get the most out of your meditation. The meditation typically begins with a relaxation exercise which helps calm the mind and body and allow for access to deeper levels of consciousness. Then a guided visualization meditation allows for you to embark on a journey inward.

By connecting with your inner self on a regular basis through meditation and other mindful practices, you can relieve anxiety and tension, let go of past hurts and obstacles, and improve mental and physical health in great amounts. This is done by working with the body’s Nervous System to switch it from “fight or flight” (also known as sympathetic dominance) to relaxation mode (also known as parasympathetic dominance).

Once you switch from the fight or flight mode to relaxation mode, your body can begin to heal and create healthy cells, your mind has space to be creative and funny, and the issues that once stood in your way seem to dissolve. By accessing your inner oasis of bliss, you can live a joyful, mindful life. Meditation can be seen as a metaphor for life: the intention is to maintain focus on what makes you happy and not let anything disturb that. Once you can do this with your internal world, you can do this with your external world.