Class Descriptions

Imagine a place that is so serene, so tranquil, so peaceful, a place that is miles away from the stress and worry of the world. That place exists, and it is inside of you. All you have to do is learn how to tap into it. Let meditation teach you how to get there.

Beginner’s Mind

This guided meditation class is for those who are new to meditation or looking to enhance their practice. By building a strong foundation through introductory meditation techniques and approaches, you can learn how to access deeper levels of awareness and relaxation. 

Experience Level: All levels welcome
Good for: connecting with your breath, learning to connect with your inner self, experiencing self-induced relaxation and healing
Class Length: 30 minutes

Inner Wisdom 

This guided meditation class helps you connect with your inner self and your inner wisdom. Meditations will allow you to explore what makes you unique and helps you move past any limiting barriers, explore problem solving, and improve conflict management. Each class uses a variety of breathing exercises and guided imagery to allow you to reach new depths of self-awareness.

Experience Level: Some experience recommended
Good for: identifying new solutions to issues and concerns, resolving internal or external conflict, increasing inner peace and intuition
Class Length: 45 minutes


This guided meditation class teaches students how to be aware in the present moment and all it has in it. When we slow down and take notice of all there is here and now, we can release judgments of the past and present. New freedom can be found. Mindful meditation techniques are used to help students experience the beauty of the here and now.

Experience Level: All levels welcome
Good for: promoting inner peace, heightened attention and focus, calmness
Class Length: 45 minutes

Meditation is intended for general wellness and relaxation purposes. Meditation is not meant to cure, treat, heal or diagnosis any mental or physical health condition and is not a substitute for mental health care or medical care. Please seek appropriate medical care for any health concerns you may have. If you need access to resources, please ask your instructor.