Land Acknowledgment

Studio for Mindfulness would like to take a moment to acknowledge and give thanks to the Anishinaabe Peoples’ and to the Odawa, Ojibwa, Potawatomic, Huron and Chippewa Nations for allowing us to work on their land. ⁠

The Anishinaabe People are from Canada and Northern Midwestern United States. They are one of the most numerous Indigenous Peoples north of the Rio Grande. They are known for their birch bark canoes and scrolls, mining and trading of copper and their cultivation of wild rice and maple syrup. ⁠

SFM proudly supports American Indian Health & Family Services @aihfs_detroit and North American Indian Association of Detroit and works to raise awareness of the needs and concerns of this and other marginalized communities. ⁠

photo source: Anisnaabe thunderbird, designed by freehand sign painter Grand Chief Ben Wawia. retreived with permission from⁠
content source: The Ojibwe’ People: Anishinaabe – History, Culture and Affiliations. Jaguar Bird. youtube.⁠

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