My Meditation Routine

I started meditating when I was a very young person. Although I didn’t know that what I was doing at the time was meditation, I knew that I liked to go inside my head to relax and because it was interesting. If you think back to it, there is a good chance that you have been meditating your whole life, you just didn’t know it.

I remember the first type of meditation I did, which is a type of visualization method. I would squeeze my eyes shut really tight and then watch the lights behind my eye flicker and change and swirl around. Watching the patterns flow and change colors against the darkness so neat. Where did these lights come from? Why were they there? I didn’t know but I was intrigued. Did anybody else do something like that or meditate when you didn’t know it?

Once I learned that what I was doing was meditation, I was hooked. I started studying it on my own and in small meditation groups around Metro Detroit. I loved learning new ways to go inside my head and explore my inner world. As I soon found out, meditation has been around for a long time and practiced by many civilizations around the world. There was so much to learn! So I decided to explore new ways…

What’s really interesting is how much my routine has changed over the years. There have been times where my routine consisted of mostly reflection and journaling. There have been other times where I’ve been really deep into meditation. And, then other times when I don’t do anything for a stretch of time. No matter what technique I am using at the time, all I can say is that my life goes more smoothly when I use it and I feel much better overall.

So, here it is:

1. Morning Meditation: I don’t want to start from a place of anxiety or frustration, so I’ll do my meditation before I get out of bed. I start with a body scan to release all of my body’s physical tension. Then, I’ll imagine any emotional or mental stressors in front of me attached by a cord. Then I imagine this cord dissolving. I learned this one from one of my favorite teachers Karen Piiranen (claritywithkaren). Then, I imagine myself surrounded with bright light like I’m in a glowing globe of protection. Now I’m ready to start my day!

2. Midday Mindfulness: I like to do a short breathing exercise after lunch or whenever I am in a stressful circumstance. Most of the time I do this at my desk and close my eyes for a moment. I like the 4-7-8 breathing exercise the most, I think. 

3. Evening Yoga: Most days after work I will take about 35-50 minutes to do some yoga. I really focus on aligning my movement with my breath. I have too many favorite teachers to name!

4. End of Day Reflection: I always like to reflect on my day and think of everything that happened. Sometimes I will journal my experiences, other times I will just think about it. I will ask myself questions such as: What did I do to help others today? How did others help me? What did I do to make things difficult for others?

This is my current mindfulness routine, but it is always changing and evolving. What’s one thing you do each day to be mindful? Share with us below! 

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